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Companies have trusted us for 22 Years.

anti-DDoS protection is not an option, it's included on all the servers .

Club Hosting (Wictory)

Who are we ?

Club Hosting is a french firm , we are constantly evolving and are always looking our plans improvement at low costs. We can consider our firm as a green host .
We always are at the peak of technology as regards dedicated servers. Up-market servers implementation, allows you to have a constant speed which will meet your requirements. That means that we use a multitude of efficient servers runned by our specialized team .
Our team looks after our servers safety and guarantees you an available technical support 24/7.

Our goal

Our goal is to satisfy all our clients by striving the most possible to meet their requirements. To meet our customer base, we tempt to offer the best hosting as possible to it. It goes through a design as well as aesthetic than functional, which allows customers easily to find the information needed .

No hidden fee

When you choose one of our services, we guarantee a fixed-price to you for the hosting duration.

Why choosing Club Hosting ?

Club Hosting is a firm in full growth, we use the best infrastructures in the world to guarantee a quality service to you moreover our team ensures a free of charge personalized support service to answer to your problems .
All our servers are equipped with an anti-DDoS protection, that allows to guarantee the best safety on all the hosting plans.
Our technical support also handles to move in entirety your sites for free.
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