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Frequently Asked Questions
Shared hosting

How to host several websites on the same shared hosting with cPanel ?

You can host multiple websites on the same shared hosting with cPanel and for this you need to attach a new domain name or create a subdomain via our control panel. You can follow the procedure in our Knowledge base.

How to easily create a website ?

You want to create a website very quickly without technical knowledge on creating websites, for that, create your site using the best tools such as Wordpress, Joomla or Prestashop and Drupal for e-commerce site projects.

How to connect to my web hosting in FTP ?

To connect in FTP, you can use the free software FileZilla which is part of the The most recognized software in the field, the software allows you to easily connect to your web hosting to manage your files. All the information necessary for the connection is sent automatically by email after the validation of your order.

How to change the FTP password of my hosting in cPanel ?

To change the FTP password of your shared hosting, you must go to your customer area and select the web hosting concerned or connect directly to your cPanel account then FTP accounts using your domain (ex. domaine.fr/cpanel).

How can I consult the statistics of my site via cPanel ?

Connect to your cPanel interface, access to your site statistics is included in your hosting, you can measure the number of visitors, bandwidth and much more. No other subscription is necessary to benefit from this service.

How do I create a database with my cPanel credentials ?

After placing your order, the implementation of your web hosting solution is automatically installed without any database, for the configuration of a database you must connect to your cPanel interface using the information connection obtained by mail and go to the Databases section to create a database and a user.

Website Builder

Can I create a blog?

Yes the website builder allows you to include blog functionality.

Will my site be mobile friendly?

Yes all websites created with the Weebly site builder are optimised for mobile.

Can I add photos to my website?

Yes, you can add photos to your site, but HD Video and Audio are only available on Pro & Business plans.

Can I sell products through my site?

Yes eCommerce functionality is included with all plans but the number of products you can offer varies.

Can I add forms to my site?

Yes the Weebly site builder makes it easy to create contact forms, RSVP lists, surveys and more.

How do I get my site into search engines?

All Weebly powered websites include powerful SEO tools to help maximise your search engine ranking.

Are there multiple styles to choose from?

Yes there are multiple pre-made templates for you to choose from.

Can I upgrade?

Yes you can upgrade at any time. Simply login to your account and choose the upgrade option.

Reseller hosting

Why should I resell your reseller hosting services ?

The earning potential with our reseller hosting plan is virtually unlimited, our reseller program allows you to charge your customers what you want and sell as many web hosting plans as you want. Our reseller program also allows you to create and customize your own plans under cPanel and WHM, for even greater flexibility and greater margins.

Do my customers' sites share my control panel ?

You have full control over what your customers have access to with your reseller hosting under cPanel and WHM, you can give them access to a custom control panel exclusively for your business and you can also determine which site features or applications to use. they can access.

Can I create real-time web hosting accounts ?

Yes, you can create shared hosting accounts in real time via your reseller control panel and via WHMCS without any intervention on our part.

Can I upgrade my reseller hosting plan at any time ?

Yes, you can upgrade your reseller account at any time from our customer area, select the service and click on the Upgrade button.

How long does it take to create a reseller account ?

Our installation program is automated, the creation of your reseller account is in operation as soon as we receive your first payment and your customer account is validated using the supporting documents.

What are the nameservers used by my clients ?

Name servers may be used depending on your installation with WHMCS and your configuration in WHM.

Do you offer technical support to my customers ?

NO, with our white label reseller program you must provide direct technical support with your customers but however, if you have a question or issue that you need help with, you can contact support directly and we will get it right. a pleasure to help you.

As a reseller, can I have my own resellers ?

Along with your reseller account, only one reseller control panel is included with WHM, so unless you decide to give someone else access to your reseller control panel, only you will be able to create customer accounts Web hosting.

To become a reseller, what level of expertise do you need ?

Basic knowledge is required to use WHMCS, have knowledge of email setup, have the ability to register new domain names, and modify existing domain registrations for your customers.

Virtual Servers

What is a VPS

A VPS is a virtual private server that makes it possible to host showcase and e-commerce sites with content and media or software applications such as a portal, extranet, collaborative solutions, wiki, CRM, etc ... Unlike the shared hosting, this data is isolated in a single virtual machine dedicated to the user.

What skills do you need to manage a VPS ?

The management of a virtual private server requires a minimum of knowledge in server administration, these concepts are necessary for the management of the installed system such as Linux or Windows and to configure the applications.

Why choose a VPS ?

The virtual private server offers more possibilities unlike web hosting (shared), with a VPS you have root access, access to Apache and PHP settings etc... In addition you can install an SSL certificate or any other type of software.
In conclusion, you have a lot more freedom with a VPS without the responsibilities of a dedicated server.

Is it possible to move a VPS to another host ?

No, it is not possible to move a VPS to another host, you will have to copy and transfer the data manually to your new host.

How to make automatic backups of a VPS ?

Club Hosting does not give any guarantee against data loss, you must make your own backups, for this you can use the Snapshot option.

Dedicated server

Why do I have to pay an installation fee when ordering a server ?

Installation costs are essential for the assembly and connection of your server in our data centers.

Do I always have to pay installation fees when ordering a server ?

Yes, on each server order, installation fees are due, the fees vary depending on the choice of server, only the servers in promotion not no installation fees.

When can I select options and licenses for my server ?

You can select and order your options and licenses during your order or directly from the Club Hosting customer area.

Why is DDOS protection included on all our dedicated servers ?

DDOS protection is not an option at Club Hosting, a DDoS attack on your server can have a major impact on your server and your business, which can create financial loss or business interruption.

Is it possible to upgrade the hardware of my dedicated server ?

No, our servers have a pre-defined configuration, so it is not possible to add additional equipment on a dedicated server, you will have to go to another server with the desired configuration.

What is the delivery time of a dedicated server ?

The delivery times of a server vary depending on the availability in our data centers, the delay varies between a few minutes and several days. The delivery time may also be extended if your order is pending verification and supporting documents.

In my subscription I have two SATA or SSD disks but I only see one ?

By default, each server which has at least 2 hard disks will be installed in RAID 1 and in RAID 5 if you have 3 hard disks, the hard disks of the server are automatically mirrored.

Is it possible to change the type of RAID ?

Yes, by default your server is in RAID 1, however you have the possibility after delivery of your server to install the operating system with a custom installation to obtain a configuration in RAID 0.

Do I have to pay the additional IPv4 for my dedicated server ?

Yes, you need to pay for the additional IPv4 addresses, you can order them directly from our shopping cart.

How do I use my backup Storage included with my offer ?

Before you can use the backup storage, you must make a request to our support, the backup storage will be available in a few minutes. The backup storage will be accessible only via a Club Hosting server.

Where can I find my access codes to the dedicated server?

The access codes are sent to you by email at the address of the customer account after delivery and installation of the operating system on the dedicated server.

How do I install Windows Server on my dedicated server?

The installation of Windows Server is done directly through our customer area, however Windows Server requires a valid license billed monthly and automatically before the installation of the system.

Why choose a discounted server ?

Servers in promotion do not have installation costs which correspond to assembly and connection costs.

What happens to my IP addresses if I don't renew my server?

Your server's IP Fail over and IP Blocks will be recycled along with your dedicated server.

Can I move a license to another server ?

Your server's IP Fail over and IP Blocks will be recycled along with your dedicated server.

What is the minimum rental period for a server ?

The minimum rental period for a dedicated server is one month, if you order your server on the 10th of the month, you are committed until the 10th of the following month.

I ordered a server through the shopping cart, do I have to pay ?

No, if an order is generated but you have not paid for it, just ignore it, the order will be canceled by our billing department.

Why a lifetime warranty on server components ?

From day one of rental and throughout your use, your server benefits from 24/7 hardware maintenance that includes automatic replacement of defective parts for life and at no cost.

How do I choose the location of my server ?

It is advisable to choose the location of a dedicated server according to the geographic area of users and clients.

On what dates are invoices made ?

The first invoice is created on the day of your order, the following are edited every 30 days thereafter.

What is manual order validation ?

As part of our anti-fraud policy, we perform identity checks before a server is delivered.

Can we install a Plesk, DirectAdmin and Cpanel distribution ?

Yes, our servers are compatible with Plesk, DirectAdmin and cPanel distributions, you can order your license directly in the shopping cart.

How do I add IPv4 addresses to my server ?

To add IPv4 addresses on a server, you must make a written request using our contact form.

Is there root access with a dedicated server ?

Yes, you have root access to our dedicated servers to allow you to configure your server according to your needs.

Do you offer free backup services ?

Yes, we offer 100 GB of storage space for all our dedicated servers for local backups on request from our team.

How often do you monitor the servers ?

Our servers and network are monitored by our own system administrators, onsite and remotely, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

What software can I install on my dedicated server ?

With root access, you can potentially install any valid licensed software on your dedicated server.

What type of RAID do you offer with your servers ?

All of our dedicated servers feature RAID configurations and come with high performance hardware RAID cards preinstalled to provide excellent data parity, performance and multiple RAID configurations to support a wide range of options while allowing better data recovery as software RAID in case of failure.

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