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Terms of Use
Services Terms and conditions [v3 10/2020]

These services terms and conditions apply to your www.club-hosting.com web site access, and to your web hosting services use, web marketing, the affiliate account, reseller or consultant offered on Club Hosting web site. Using any service or product provided by Club Hosting, it is directly or with a reseller , you acknowledge that you have read , understood and accepted being submitted to our terms and conditions . These terms and conditions in effect from 01.01.2017 and are valid for all users .


1. Terms and conditions

You have to read and accept these terms and conditions, the private policy, and the other policies applicable to the other services, before being able to use Club Hosting web site . Club Hosting can amend these terms and conditions occasionally, to follow the technological changes, of the laws and/or of the policies.

2. Creation, Safety, Amendment, and Accounts cancellation

You can create an account filling in the provided form upon a service command (Mutualized, cloud, dedicated server, etc...)

2.1 Information Validity

In the event of moving, email address change, etc…, you agree to update the private details about you within 30 days. You can amend your private details with the Customer Area.

2.2 Accounts Responsability and Security

You accept that Club Hosting is not responsible of any loss that you may incur further to your use or a third party use of the account access data and of the stored data. You also agree to be held responsible of the incurred losses . Club Hosting encourages you to keep and save the account access data and the stored data on the servers in a safe place and to be cautious to prevent others to access and/or to use your data. In case that this approach wouldn't have been respected , the firm cannot be held responsible for losses and for any errors.

2.3 Content Responsability

You only agree to use your account for legal purposes and accept its content entire responsibility . Not to affect any user, in any case you are not authorized to host the following things :

  • Sites linked to video content/streaming sharing on mutualized offers
  • Subjects linked to racism
  • Excessively violent subjects
  • Pro terrorism Sites
  • Sites which go against french laws
  • Peer to peer softwares

Regarding adults sites :

  • It is forbidden to create some sites about zoophilia, necrophilia and pedophilia
  • All the models have to be made for people over 18 and more

You accept to be the only person responsible of the stored content on your hosting accounts, It is initiated by you, by others on your behalf, or with some other mean. Club Hosting denies any responsability for any activity linked to your account .

2.4 Services Suspension and Cancellation

Any contracted service is automatically renewed at the end of each payment period. You can cancel a service at any moment. For it, you just have to go to Customer Area

2.5 Backup Copies

Club Hosting does backup copies of comity for most of the web hosting accounts. However the backup copies cannot be guaranted and Club Hosting cannot be held responsible for any lack or deficiency of the backup service.

3. Policy and Confidentiality

Club Hosting guarantees the confidentiality of your entire data which won't be sold, given unless this is required by the law.

4. Sites Transfers

For any site transfer, Club Hosting offers a (free of charge) moving/migration service for any mutualized plan purchase, ( VPS) dedicated virtual server, dedicated server, cloud,...and ensures the server change without any data loss and your previous server transfer organisation to the new one. The entire data transfer, data base, FTP account, Mail,...

5. Affiliation Program

Our program is accessible to everyone. All participants must have a Paypal account ( that you can receive your commissions). It is strictly forbidden to refer one's site .

5.1 Functioning
  • The visitor clicks on your site affiliation link , on your blog or any other place.
  • The IP visitor's address is recorded and a cookie is placed to ensure you an exemplary plotting .
  • The visitor browses on our site and he chooses to place an order.
  • The visitor places an order, you receive your 10 to 25% commission .
  • We validate the order.
  • We add the commission amount on your account. Then, you will be payed at the end of the month (when your balance will reach 100 €uros).
5.2 Affiliation program subscription

To suscribe our program, please connect yourself to your Customer Area.

6. Service Guaranties (Satisfied or your money back)

Club Hosting offers the following guaranty of your money back to you : if you're not 100% satisfied of the service within 90 days following your purchase, Club Hosting will refund the hosting fees to you. All of the hosting fees are eligible to money back guarantee, except the dedicated servers offers

6.1 Technical assistance guarantee

A technical assistance by mail ensures a 24h/24 support within a maximum 8 hours deadline .

6.2 Outsourcing

Club Hosting handles your server technical side management. Moreover, our technicians can help you, whichever is your problem within a maximum 8 hours dealine. Outsourcing is included in all our hosting services.

6.3 A 99.9% servers availability guarantee

Club Hosting includes the importance of having a permanent available web site, and guarantees servers availability of a 99.9% (service time), calculated monthly. Our servers are considered available if they meet HTTP and PING requirements coming at least from 2 external check services.

7. Means of payment

Means of payment are : Credit Card, Paypal, and wire transfers, to know about the other means of payment, please click on ICI

8. Renewal

All the unpaid services after the due date will be partially suspended after 7 days, and could be permanently suspended shortly afterwards. If you wish to reactivate your services after a suspension of them, reactivation services fees could be applied. Doing your purchase with a credit card , or adding a valid credit card on your account, you authorize Club Hosting to charge services renewal fees on your credit card before these services expiry date. You can change your mean of payment or stop a service via Customer Area.

9. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions, and their interpretation are subject to the french laws, without giving effect to the litigations principles of the laws. The parties have to submit their disputes from this policy irrevocably to the french courthouse, inluding litigations about the terms and conditons interpretation and their effects.

You accept to comply with all these terms and conditions, and you understand that Club Hosting could suspend or end without notice any account which doesn't comply with these terms and conditions to maintain a secure environment for all our customers.

10. Complaints

The policy complaints or violations have to be reported through courriel or by post office, to :

  • Club Hosting : 15 route de Haguenau, 67360 Morsbronn-les-Bains, FRANCE
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